Hatz 1D90E

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D-Series – Revolutionary technology in single cylinder

The Hatz D series is best suited for challenging tasks. It is characterized by high power and the unique design in particular. Thus, with 15 hp, the 1D90 engine is the highest performance single-cylinder diesel engine in the world. A compensation weight on the flywheel side crank arm as well as balance weights cast in the flywheel ensure the special quiet running of the D series. Optionally available counter-rotating balance shafts even ensure 100% 1st-order counter balance.

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Technical facts

Power from
6,0–10,8 kW

Maximum torque
39,3 Nm

Fulfils EPA Tier IV final and EU Stage V

Air-cooled 4 stroke diesel engine

Cylinder 1

Displacement 0,722 l

Volume 0,11 m³

Weight 107 kg

Power from
7.6–14.1 hp

Maximum torque
30 ft·lb

Fulfils EPA Tier IV final and EU Stage V

Air-cooled 4 stroke diesel engine

Cylinder 1

Displacement 0.722 l

Volume 4 cu ft

Weight 235.9 lb

Hatz Engineering Department

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