Hatz Diesel of North America, Inc. Becomes Hatz Americas, Inc.

As Hatz approaches its 150th anniversary in 2030, it continues a tradition of innovation that has been demonstrated since the beginning of the 20th century.

This traditional, family owned, Bavarian company is successfully transforming itself from a manufacturer of robust and efficient compact diesel engines to a technology leader for precisely tailored drive systems that will be needed in compact machines on construction sites of the future.

In the Americas, Hatz is embracing this transformation with developments of its own. Recognizing the growth and importance of Latin America on a global scale. To benefit our future, Hatz has combined the operations of Hatz North America and Hatz Latin American under one roof at our Wisconsin Headquarters and have put both divisions under the umbrella of a new corporation, Hatz Americas, Inc.

Providing excellent Customer Service and After-Sales Support is of primary importance for Hatz. These company changes will have the intended equal efforts on our additional key markets for South and North America. To support this additional focus, Hatz Americas will continue to grow its capabilities and resources.

Globally, Hatz will continue to develop new combustion engine technologies and will also introduce hybrid and electric drive concepts for an evolving market, finding the right solutions for each application regardless of technology. These solutions, united by digital services and IoT functionalities, collectively will make life easier for machine operators with efficient and reliable engines, drives, and service to get the most out of their equipment investment.

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