Case Study Floor Saws

Floor cutting in hard, dense floors is hard work for both machine and engine. The LISSMAC MULTICUT floor saws with the Hatz H series engine is the perfect tool for such tasks.

Swabian companies are invariably associated with innovation and machines that occupy a leading position all over the world. This also applies to LISSMAC with headquarters in Bad Wurzach. In 1979, the company started to produce masonry and floor saws and built up additional business fields over the years, such as metal grinding machines, handling technology and special projects in mechanical engineering. Today, LISSMAC is one of the world's leading companies with its floor saws and delivers around 1400 units of various types and sizes every year. Since the 1990s, LISSMAC has relied on various Hatz engines in many of its machines. The most modern versions of the floor saws are equipped with the new and powerful four-cylinder engines of the Hatz H series.

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