Drive Solutions

Our mission is to constantly provide the most innovative compact drive solutions. Our diesel engines are known for their robustness and reliability. Additionally, they are bringing digital and economic benefits for the machine operator and owner.   

We offer the complete range of robust, electronically controlled, variable-speed and efficient single, three and four-cylinder engines. The electronic control results in the ability to connect the engines to digital systems such as fleet management systems. Continuous measurements, such as engine speed and fuel injection, provide accurate data on the engine's load condition.  

In addition to engine control, the ECU provides engine-relevant data via CAN J1939. For example, service life and utilization or engine condition and service requirements can be read out easily. Automatic shutdown functions can be implemented to protect the engine. The use of digital engine analyzers in maintenance is also made possible by the electronic control system.  

E1 Technology

For the first time, our E1 technology enables these benefits for single-cylinder engines. All Hatz engines with E1 technology meet the demands of the Tier 4 final and Stage V emissions standard. Thus, all global markets can be served with the same Hatz drive and exhaust gas treatment technology. Additionally, machine manufacturers benefit from fewer engine version due to the individually speed configuration that can be adapted to the application.


The Hatz three- and four-cylinder engines of the H-series impress with their minimal weight and very compact installation space while maintaining high performance and efficiency. The H-series engines are equipped with two valves per cylinder, achieving high efficiency, mechanical robustness and functional simplicity. This is expressed in turn by the familiar long service life.

Future-proof diesel technology

Hatz has already certified some of the current engines for emission-neutral or low-emission bio-diesel fuels such as HVO and further improved their future-proofing and environmental compatibility.  We are working towards approving the entire drive portfolio for these future-proof and more environmentally friendly fuels. Machine manufacturers and machine operators who rely on Hatz engines can be sure that they are always using the most cutting-edge and at the same time most robust engine technology. 

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