Repairs & Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance solutions guarantee minimum downtime for your Hatz driven machines and equipment.


Our digital diagnostic tools HDS2Expert and HDS2lite make maintenance and troubleshooting of our engines easy and fast.

HDS2Expert and HDS2lite are the professional tools for convenient repair or maintenance of electronically controlled Hatz engines of the E1 and H series. With the diagnostics systems, all essential engine information for maintenance or repair is available digitally:

The HDS2lite connects the engine wirelessly via a Bluetooth® adapter to the smartphone or tablet device of the maintenance personnel and provides everything needed for basic engine diagnostics. The HDS2Expert is a wired solutions that gives you the complete testing functionality necessary for the daily workshop routine, from actuator tests to extensive exhaust aftertreatment functions.

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Smart Panel

The Hatz Smart Panel (HSP) offers a user-friendly way to visualize engine operating data on the machine. The compact display unit is easy and intuitive to operate and enables a quick analysis of machine and engine status.

The Smart Panel is available as an OEM component as well as a retrofit solution. The display is easily configurable, so that the arrangement and wealth of information can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements. In addition, there is the possibility of customizing to the wishes of the machine manufacturer. Sensor values, functions, colors and logos can be individually adapted and displayed.

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Engine Testing

If an issue occurs with your engine, our team can help analyze the issue and provide support in finding a solution together with our local service network.

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Hatz Americas, Inc. has an extensive service network throughout North America. Additionally, Hatz has a complete service and distribution network throughout the world.

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