Engineering Solutions

As a technology-open and competent development partner, Hatz supports machine manufacturers with comprehensive engineering solutions. The machine and the purpose determine the best possible drive solution, whether diesel, electric, hydrogen or hybrid.

Purpose Design

Hatz engineers solutions according to the purpose design approach when implementing drive systems, if requested This approach focuses on using all benefits of the selected drive technology for the machine. The machine is holistically designed from scratch.

Best practices are developed over time by understanding what works best and knowing what engine application issues to avoid. While application begins with selecting the required power and torque, making sure an engine meets its best performance relies on the expertise of the application engineering.

With Hatz's expertise in many different drive applications and Purpose Design approach, equipment manufacturers can realize innovative functions and designs that set them apart from the competition.

Engineering Based on Over 140 Years of Experience

As an engine manufacturer with over 140 years of experience, we are well known and in demand throughout the world. The goal of all our activities is the development and production of high-quality and rugged products, and most importantly; satisfied customers.

Our design and development efforts always focus on the following aspects:

  • Economic operation and long service life
  • Fail-safe and reliable drive solutions, even under the most extreme climatic conditions
  • High quality materials, production and user-friendly maintenance

Modular E-Drive System

Hatz supports OEMs with its own technological expertise in the development and realization of innovative and disruptive machine concepts.

For this purpose, the e-drive system construction kit offers the appropriate tools. As a modular offering, the level of support is entirely based on the customer's individual requirements.

Hatz Engineering Department

The goal of all our activities is the development and production of high-quality and rugged products, and most importantly: Satisfied customers.

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