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With a service network throughout North America, you can count on Hatz Americas, Inc.'s team of service technicians to get the job done right.

Hatz Americas, Inc. has an extensive distributor and dealer network across North America. This means our customers can rely on Hatz’s extensive distribution and service network to ensure fast supply of spare parts, technical support, and to quickly carry out repairs.

Repairs & Maintenance

The repair, regular servicing, and complete conditioning of Hatz engines can be carried out through our North American Distributor Network.

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Parts & Accessories

Knowing the engines in service, by region, market, and service duty, enables us to maintain the correct mix of parts and accessories to support Hatz powered equipment throughout North America.

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All Hatz engines are backed up by a factory warranty.  Warranties are fully comprehensive and cover parts, labor and other related items.

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Hatz Americas, Inc. offers several in-house training programs covering our complete line-up of engines. Additionally, our distributors are fully certified to conduct service training for Hatz diesel engines.

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