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With a distribution network throughout North America, we have your parts needs covered.

Hatz Parts

The Hatz engine serial number is the key to what application the Hatz engine is used in, and its area of operation. Hatz OEMs, users and operators, by registering their engines for warranty, enable us to keep a track of the Hatz engines in service.

Knowing the engines in service, by region, market, and service duty, enables us to maintain the correct mix of parts to support Hatz powered equipment throughout North America. In addition to our own inventory of parts, Hatz distributors inventory parts for the engines operating within their APR.

Our global network of distributors is also there to support North American OEMs that export Hatz powered equipment. Hatz parts and service is available worldwide.

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Parts Kits

In addition to individual parts required for maintenance and repair, we offer to OEMs, users, and operators, through our North American distributors, Parts Kits.

Parts Kits comprise all the consumable, and recommended replacement parts for various hours of operation including, 1000, 2500, and 5000 hours of operation. Parts Kits are also available for Hatz engines powering equipment in arduous environments.

Parts Availability

Your first source for parts is your local distributor. Distributor parts inventory is backed up by parts held in our US warehouse, and parts in key global locations

The use of genuine factory parts, following the recommended service intervals and replacing consumable and recommended replacement parts, ensures your Hatz engine reliable performance and a long-life of trouble free operation.


Hatz engines are used throughout the world in a wide variety of applications. The Hatz engine is designed as a very versatile engine to be easily adapted to numerous applications.

Designed for the North American market, accessory adaptation flanges follow standard SAE dimensions. This enables the Hatz engine to be easily applied to existing and new equipment design.

Typical accessory packages include:

  • Variety of flywheel housing adaptation
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Exhaust fitting and after-treatment
  • Air filtration
  • Mounting adaptation
  • Starter motors, batteries and charging alternator
  • Engine controls
  • G-drive and pump drive adaptation

Accessory Supply:

Hatz can supply a fully accessorized engine direct to OEMs, and through our North American distribution network. We will also supply bare engines with accessory kits to be fitted by the OEM and/or distributor.

Hatz Parts and Accessories

With a service network throughout North America, we have your parts needs covered.

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