Energy Solutions

We deliver a smart, robust and independent power generation for the most demanding applications.

Power Generators

We design and manufacture individual power generation solutions from 2 to 9.5 kVA delivering 230 or 400 V. The power generators are designed to supply highest voltage accuracy for smooth operation of electric end devices.

The core of our generators are our reliable and industry-proven 1-cylinder-engines of the 1B- and 1D-series. Operators can thus rely on the highest quality of both, mechanical and electrical components. The engines and generators are engineered for the most demanding applications, from building sites, to agricultural applications, and operate under extreme temperatures. The various designs are used as grid failure solutions, grid in-feed solutions or as permanent power solutions.

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Flywheel-Integrated Power Generators

Our fly-wheel integrated permanent magnet generators, fiPMG, are suitable for use in hybrid systems, as backup against power failure or for permanent power supply. They can also be used as range extenders in fully electric machines. Their versatility means that almost all application scenarios for setting up electrified systems are covered.

The fiPMG enables longer machine operation in battery-electric drive mode, thus helping to reduce emissions. If necessary, the machine can be used in emission-free mode. This reduces the load on the combustion engine and protects the environment.

Thanks to the extremely compact dimensions of the fiPMG, hardly any adjustments to the machine design are necessary. With an installation depth of 35 mm and a weight of 3 kg, the Hatz fiPMG’s are over 85 percent lighter and shorter than conventional generators. Due to the still available power take-off shaft, the machine is even more flexible in design. As a prefabricated and tested drive package, the engines with fiPMG technology are easy for the machine manufacturer to install and assemble. Integration into the battery charging structure of the machine is made easy thanks to the use of the CAN bus technology, leading to a user-friendly plug-and-play system.

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H-Series PMG Engine Pack

Our H-Series PMG concept demonstrates how user-friendly hybrid drive solutions can be integrated into machine architectures. The combination of 3H50TIC 3-cylinder and permanent magnet generator fiPMG offers machine manufacturers a pre-assembled plug-and-play system that combines the advantages of robust diesel engines and electric auxiliary drive. The result is a particularly efficient and powerful system that enables applications with large peak loads to be equipped with a downsizing approach. The 3-cylinder / permanent magnet generator combination can be used in suitable applications as an economical alternative to larger engines

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Hatz Engineering Department

The goal of all our activities is the development and production of high-quality and rugged products, and most importantly: Satisfied customers.

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