McLellan Industries Water Trucks

McLellan Industries was looking for a Tier-4 Final engine to provide power to the auxiliary power unit on their new 36-hundred A-style water truck. Hatz Diesel had the answer.

McLellan has earned a reputation as an outstanding manufacturer of water trucks, with service and support that matches the quality of their equipment. With the Hatz 3H50 engine, McLellan now has a supply partner with a dealer network offering superior after-market support, locally in California, and around the world.

McLellan chose the Hatz 3H50 diesel engine because it was designed to operate reliably in dust laden atmospheres, high vibration applications, extreme temperature ranges, and high humidity, essential for McLellan’s construction, municipal and agricultural applications. Hatz’s latest series of 3H50 diesel engines provided McLellan with the perfect fit of power, proportions and price.

McLellan Industries and Hatz: a valuable working partnership serving their customers’ needs.

To meet the latest EPA emission standards, every new water truck model with an APU in the US has to be fitted with a tier-four-final engine. To attain tier-four emission levels, most engine manufacturers must increase their overall size. McLellan’s existing engine would not have fit in their new truck design.

As the most compact engine in its power class, the Hatz 3H50 not only offered McLellan the power they need for their water trucks, but can also be applied to other products too.

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