Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment

When Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment was looking for an engine to replace its current engine in its Pro HD line of firewood processors, it found the solution with Hatz Diesel.

As a premium manufacturer of firewood processing equipment, Timberwolf needed an engine that provided three key criteria.

Timberwolf was looking for an engine supplier that provided, fuel economy, durability, and ease of service. The Hatz 4H50 and 3H50 engines fit the criteria that Timberwolf was looking for.

The Hatz engine on the Timberwolf Firewood Processor is really the heart of the machine, it powers everything.

On their Pro HD line of firewood processors, Timberwolf uses Hatz 4H50 4-cylinder, 74HP engine and Hatz’s 3H50, 3-cylinder 56HP version depending on the processor that it goes on. The 56HP version drives a 22 gallon per minute main splitting pump allowing 3000PSI of splitting pressure and the 74HP engines drives a 33 gallon per minute splitting pump that allows 3000PSI of splitting pressure as well..

Timberwolf has earned a reputation as an outstanding manufacturer of durable, safe, and efficient firewood splitters, conveyors, processors, and wood cleaner. Hatz and Timberwolf, two premier companies, serving their customers’ needs.

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