Hatz 3H50T OPU

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H-Series – power packages in a small space

A groundbreaking downsizing approach was adopted in the development of the Hatz H-series. The outcome are extremely compact, turbocharged engines that achieve a maximum output of 85 horsepower, setting benchmarks in their performance classes. 

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Technical facts

Power output
18,4‒31 kW

Maximum torque
130 Nm

Fulfils EU Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 final

Liquid-cooled 4 stroke diesel engine

Cylinders 3

Displacement 1,464 l

Volume 0,27 m³

Weight 147 kg

Power output
24.7‒41 hp

Maximum torque
95.9 ft·lb

Fulfils EU Stage V, US EPA Tier 4 final and less regulated 

Liquid-cooled 4 stroke diesel engine

Cylinders 3

Displacement 1.464 l

Volume 9.4 cu ft

Weight 324 lb

Hatz Engineering Department

The goal of all our activities is the development and production of high-quality and rugged products, and most importantly: Satisfied customers.

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